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British Gentry by Thomasville

Thomasville British Gentry Buffet and Octagon Mirror



  Old World charm inspired by the artistry, gentility and charm of the British aristocracy.

  The British Gentry line was discontinued by Thomasville Furniture, Inc. in 2006. This forum is created to connect owners of pieces of this traditional line with those seeking additional and replacement pieces.

   Presented here are the various pieces sorted by rooms. Pictures shown are stock photos. Click on the “Available items” link on each page to view actual inventory for sale. The contact information for each piece is posted on its respective page.

   Please click here to list a British Gentry piece for sale on this forum.

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  Please feel free to email jeanne@britishgentry.com with any questions.


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Thomasville British Gentry Buffet and Octogan Mirror